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Get Started We have strived to start with all of the latest and greatest of what you have seen on every other hosting site you have visited, and take it a few steps further, appealing specifically to quality conscience and clients in the international market.
Introductory Special IM-HOST has worked hard to balance each of these key aspects of hosting through a unique combination of service innovation, personnel positioning and plan pricing.

When it comes to reliability, we say "Always on, always there" we mean it, and we're here to make good on our promise.

Breakthrough Pricing, served to you in your currency of choice! Industrial level service and reliability for as little as $5 per month. No other site can offer you a full service account and keep the cost lower than we can. We have worked hard to effectively keep costs down without compromising quality or service.

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You don't have your own web address yet? That's okay! We'll help you get started on the web by setting you up with a FREE domain.

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.com .net .org .biz .info .tv .ca .cc .co .uk .us

DNS Administration & Contact Info Administration also available.


Why IM-Host? Ask yourself these Questions:

Why should I have to put up with a webhost that has an archaic billing system and/or delayed support?

Who but IM-HOST provides Instant Message support 24/7 to it’s customers?

Where else but IM-HOST can I get my site up and ready within 15 minutes from this very moment?

Before placing your order with us, please review the various features of each hosting plan and review the various advantages inherent with IM-HOST.

Why IM-Host? Spam Free E-mail

Site tools integrated and easy to work with

Better than good support- 24/7 Instant Support

Quality web servers in a state of the art facility

Free domain registration for the first year

What We Offer It is now more important than ever for websites to catch the eye of their target market. Let our experienced programmers at develop a fully functional, dynamically driving website that will articulate your business' message and impress.

We offer:
PHP, MySQL, Perl/CGI, Apache Programming

Dynamic Page Content

Custom Layout & Design

HTML, Flash, Phostoshop

Affordable Services